Jochi was born May 4, 1944 in Marburg/Drau, and spent his formative years in Murau, Styria and Salzburg, Austria. As an adult, he lived in many countries across Europe and Africa before settling in Canada in 1970.

Jochi has enjoyed a life long passion for painting and has had the good fortune of having his work exhibited throughout Europe and North America. Much of that work now resides in private collection all over the world.

Recently Jochi has turned his attention to capturing new visions from behind the lens of a camera. In his unique photographic series entitled "Reflections", he allows his eye to wander through Canadian and

European cities, capturing the reflections that are often overlooked as we hurry through our everyday lives. Within these complex pieces, Jochi concentrated on abstracted views-beautiful illusions of surprise and irregularity contained in the panes of glass that constitute and define a city and its architecture.

"Time Past", is comprised of macro-style images of stones shot in and around Vancouver that can be interpreted in a diverse and myriad ways. The haunting colors and textures have been likened to alternate worlds and the depths of the sea.

Jochi's latest body of work, " Whispering Spirits " show totem poles of the west coast in a new context.